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Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, an Anesthesiologist IS a Doctor !

For 12-14 hours a day this is what Jason does. He puts the patient at ease, then puts them to sleep so they feel no pain, don't move and are unaware during their surgery. He continually monitors their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature, cardiac rhythm, anesthetic gas levels and neuromuscular function (just to name a few).

To me his role is the most important role in the entire operating room, he is solely in charge of keeping the patient safe, comfortable and alive. The surgeons role is important yes, but they are not responsible for the patients breathing and heart functions, the anesthesiologist is. Additionally, there must be constant communication with the surgeon regarding any life-threatening issues, and if necessary the anesthesiologist can stop or cancel the procedure if deemed unsafe for the patient.
It has taken us YEARS to get to this point and to see how much my husband is "loving" what he is doing is so rewarding. He is so calm and cool when it comes to using all the skills and knowledge he has acquired. I am so so so PROUD of him !!!
This next month he will be on the Labor and Labor floor learning all about epidurals and spinal anesthesia. He will bring the Mommy's relief from pain, so I am sure he will love that.
I love you so much Jason !! I knew since the day I first met you what an amazing person you are and that you are so smart and so capable. Your confidence amazes me. Thank you for choosing me to be your best friend, wife and the mother of your children, (I am sure I got the better end of that deal !!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason !!!!

I am a little late in wishing my sweet Husband a Happy Birthday on the blog page !!! It has been a crazy few weeks. Maddison and I made him 24 German Chocolate Cake cupcakes, he has taken them to work all week. He also got to go golfing on his birthday, which made him very, very happy !! We love you big Daddy and as always thank you for all that you do to make your girls Happy !!!