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To all the family that loves and supports us, to all the friends we have made along the way...........Thank you, we love you and miss you more than you know.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sprinkle Cheese

This is a classic Maddison moment. This video is from January and I just found it in the archive of pictures from Kansas. Jason wanted me to post it because it is really funny and she was fine after we got all the cheese out. I hope it makes you laugh. Maddie and her independence.

Monday, August 25, 2008

He got it done

Our Master Bedroom is painted. Jason (I helped a little) got it done last night and it looks so good. I told you he would not sit still. We are still waiting on our new bed that we ordered in May !! That's a long story. Anyway this is how it looks for now and I love it. And I know you will say the curtains are terrible, (yes they are), they were here when we moved in, and for now they stay so the neighbor's do not get a free show Ha Ha. Thanks again Jason, I love that you work so hard to make me happy. Love you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daddy's little helper

Painting time

Well I knew he would not sit still on his weekend off !! So this is just a sneak peek at our new Master bedroom color. The blue is the old color. I am so excited and it looks so nice. The green is a very calm color compared to the blue. Thank you Jason..

Time with Mom

Beach time

We found another beach to explore. The water was calm and Maddie was having so much fun swimming.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few things I love about Jason

I am making a list of a few things I love about my sweet husband. This has been a very challenging month for us and he has been away from us a lot so it's a good time to remember all the great things he has brought into my life.
---- He is the hardest working man I know (reminds me of my Dad). He never stops going, until he just drops. His work ethic is so important to him and nothing is ever done half way. He never really just sits unless I make him !!
---- He gets more handsome with time (how fair is that?) He is still the strong, handsome, broad shouldered man I fell in love with almost 14 years ago.
----I love his eyes. When he looks at me I still melt. I love that I still get anxious when I know he is on his way home to us.
----I love that he puts Maddie and I first despite how busy he is, and trust me he is busy.
----I love what a great Husband and Father he is. He tells me how the best part of his day is coming home to us (Maddie first of course).

Well that is enough for now. I could go on for quite a while, trust me !!
I love you Jason !! Thanks for being my husband and my best friend.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Maddison Moments of Sweetness

I just felt like sharing some of the cute little things Maddison does and says throughout the week that make us smile and laugh out loud.
----- Today we went to lunch after running errands. As we were sitting outside eating and she was watching a woman throw away her garbage. She looks to me and says " Mamma I am so proud of her for not littering !!" That's my girl.
-----She wakes up in the morning just beaming to start a new day. She shouts down to me "I'm awake Mamma is the sun up ?" Then she looks out a window and declares "it's a beautiful day today."
----When she wakes up from her nap she loves to cuddle and needs to be held. These moments are my favorite, when she holds still and is so refreshed from her nap.
----She loves when Daddy comes home and we wait for him on the front porch. She runs to the Jeep to greet him with a huge hug and asks "How was your day Daddy, was it good?" Jason tells me it is the best part of his day.
----We get ready for bed and read books in the rocking chair. I am amazed at her when she reads the book to me. She remembers what each page says. We then snuggle in bed and she tells me that I am her "best friend in the whole world and so is Daddy." I am my daughters friend and I love to hear that sweet voice.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason's Cake

( Remember to pause the music to hear the video.) This was the only time we got to spend with Daddy on his Birthday. After working a 30 hour shift at the hospital, (his regular shift plus overnight call), he came home and fell asleep reading his cards. We put him to bed and he slept for 11 hours, woke up for a little bit and went back to sleep so he could be back to work at 5 a.m. on Monday. The life of a first year intern !!!!

We love and miss you Daddy!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today is Jason's Birthday and he is coming home from work soon. He worked all day Saturday and had an overnight call shift (30 hours total) so he will be very tired today. Thank you for working so hard Jason, this month has been so rough on all of us but especially you !! We hope you love the German Chocolate Cake that Maddie and I made for you !! We love you so much !!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blueberry Pancakes !!!

The little baker has returned !! She has really been helping Mommy out in the kitchen. We made blueberry pancakes for Daddy on Saturday. She gets so excited to make something she know Dad will love. And Daddy never said a word about the eggshells in his pancakes !!

Beach time

Maddie loves to play and play in the sand. The beach we found was very private and clean. There was shade and calm water to swim in. The ocean is only an hour and a half drive from our house and it helps make up for the fact we are so far away from Kansas and Nevada.

Beach time

Daddy took us to the beach on Sunday !! What a perfect day and very much needed. Jason has been working 15 hour days and this was his only real day off for a while. Maddison had such a great day and we hated to drive home. Thanks for a great day Jason, we love you.

Garden Time

More time at the Gardens, we love this place. She watches the water for turtles.

More garden time

A few weeks ago we went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Maddison sat still long enough for Mom to get her picture. She is so darn cute.