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Family & Friends

To all the family that loves and supports us, to all the friends we have made along the way...........Thank you, we love you and miss you more than you know.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas Party

Trip home to Nevada to see our Families

~~~~Jason, Maddison and I spent about 10 days traveling to Nevada and Arizona to see family. We tried to see everyone we could We got to see Maddison's Great Grandma Lorraine and Great Grandpa Ray. We took some time and drove out to the Hoover Dam in Vegas. It was so neat to see the new bridge they are building.
~~~~Next stop was my Mom's house. She had made her sweet rolls(yum) for us to enjoy and she helped take our picture for our cards this year. We just love to stay with Mom, she always makes us feel right at home.

~~~~Our Niece Lindsay brought a fun craft for Maddie to do and they made cookies together at her house, they had so much fun. We also got to visit with Uncle Korey (thanks again for dinner), Aunt Terri, Chelsea (and that boy Ha Ha) and Kyle. We had such a good time just being with family.
~~~~We went down to see my Dad and they were having a Christmas Party. I never thought I would see the day that my Dad put on a Santa costume to help hand out the presents !! But he did and he said Ho Ho Ho. It was such a fun time and my Dad was in heaven when all the nurses wanted their picture taken in Santa's lap !!!

~~~~We went to Jason's parents house for dinner and his Grandparents drove from California to join us and Auntie Dani came over too. Maddison got to play (tried to ride on her back) with Lexi, Grandpa Tom's really big Lab. She also got to play with Angel and Sophie.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Christmas wish...with Love

I have truly remembered, through my little girls eyes, the meaning of Christmas is FAMILY. I have come to understand that spending precious TIME with family is the greatest GIFT we can give each other.

My memories of the Holidays do not consist of what presents I was given, they are amazing memories of spending time with my FAMILY. Memories of the fun we would have playing Uno, Scattergories, Pictionary and Cranium with my nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. Tasting all of my Mothers love in the sweet rolls and quiche she would make for breakfast. Then enjoying all the other delicious dishes that she makes for us every year. Each family bringing something special and yummy to share at our big family Christmas party. Sitting around laughing and talking, just being TOGETHER. Christmas is about giving of yourself and your time, to show the ones you love how much you love them.

Maddison is so excited to see all of her family and play with her generation of cousins which, amazingly, are our nieces and nephews babies !! She can hardly wait to see her aunts and uncles and all the Grandparents too. I really hope that she makes her Christmas memories of all the great times she gets to spend with family. We are so far away from our families and we miss you all so much. This year has been really tough on all of us for many reasons and getting to spend TIME with you ALL is what we are WISHING for, not gifts, just time. We have an amazing family and I hope that you all know how special you are and know how much we love you !!

Birthday Thank you !!!!

We just wanted to thank everyone who sent Maddison a birthday gift and those who called to wish her a happy day !! I hope you know how much it means to us that you remembered her special day. She had such a great time turning 3 and it seemed like we were celebrating for 2 weeks. She just loved getting so many cards, presents and calls. We love you all and thanks again for loving her !!!